Meadowvale Farm 
             Equestrian Centre                  

Equestrian riding lessons, camps, shows & boarding services

Meadowvale farm provides riding lessons for all levels and ages of riders as well as competitive and non- competitive riders. All of our teachers are Equine Canada certified riding Instructors & Coaches.

Our lesson program offers: 

  • Private & Semi-private lessons
  • Group lessons
  • Junior programs
  • Beginner programs
  • Competitive programs and coaching at shows 
  • Theory horsemanship classes
  • Equine Canada rider levels courses and testing
  • Part leases on some school horses & ponies

Program details   ~ Please contact us for schedule and availability ~

Group lessons:  Lessons in groups of up to 4-5 riders per group. Riders are together with riders of a similar level.  Lessons are 1 hour long (45 minutes long if only 3 students) and will work on a variety of skills appropriate to the level of group. 

Private lessons:  Private lessons are 30 - 45 minutes long and can be taken with any Instructor or coach. One on one coaching time is valuable to acquire and improve skills quickly.

Semi-private lessons:  Riders can request semi-private lessons with 1 or 2 other students. Lessons are 45 minutes long for 2 students and 1 hour for 3 students.

** NOT OFFERED DURING COVID ** Beginner group lesson program (ages 6 & up):  A beginner program for riders ages six and up who want to learn how to ride in a group lesson environment. This program will teach safe horse handling, how to groom, tack up and how to ride at the walk and trot. Riders in the group may vary in age, but students under the age of 10 must have a parent assist during the lesson times (students age 8-10 may be independent part way through the program depending on their individual progress and comfort level).

** NOT OFFERED DURING COVID **Junior introductory riding program (ages 4-7 Inclusive):  Designed for children ages 4- 7 years of age who would like to start riding in a private / semi-private lesson structure. Sessions are 30-45 minutes long and young riders will learn the basics of horse/pony handling (including leading, grooming, tacking up) and riding (proper position & basic control of horse/pony at slower gaits)

Intermediate & advanced students are taught flatwork skills (dressage), stadium & cross country jumping.  



Our Show Team is taught by certified Competition coach, Stephanie Calvert, and competes in local derbies and horse trials and throughout Ontario and Quebec.


 We have a wonderful variety of quiet and talented school horses and ponies available to suit riders of all levels and abilities.