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Stone Bridge Pony Club & Horsemanship sessions! 

Meadowvale hosts Stone Bridge pony club. The Pony club is run independently of Meadowvale farm, but meetings and horsemanship lessons are coordinated to be open for all (not just pony club members) 

Contact Allison Moore at [email protected]  about joining Pony Club! 

~ Local meetings / horsemanship lessons are held alternate Sundays ~

SCHEDULE for the 1st quarter 2019: 

January 27th 1:30 to 3:30 – Introductory meeting - Free (for non members too)

  • Information session & horse handling
  • Information will be provided about pony club and activities etc as well as how to join Pony Club. 
  • Horse handling – learn safe practices for handling horses, equine body language (recommended before lunging clinic)

February 10 – Lunging Clinic (Advanced registration required -  Non members $ 30

  • Times to be scheduled based on registrations and numbers) 
  • How to lunge, equipment, body language, the lunging session, (Advanced session: lunging with side reins and training aids etc)
  • This will be a practical session and will be divided into introductory level and intermediate level lunging
(Please note bad weather date is Feb 24th)
  • To register email Stephanie C or Allison M and tell us your experience level 

February 24th  - First aid and bandaging  - $15 

  • Types of wounds, how to treat, when to call the vet; types of bandages, how to apply them, concerns with bandaging

March 1, 2, 3rd – Pony Club Winter Camp (Off site - Regional - Pony Club Only)

  • For Pony Club members only - contact Allison for registration 

March 10 – Vet & Teeth - $15 non PC

  • Signs of a healthy pony, sick pony, lameness; dental care, types of teeth, aging a horse by teeth

March 24th – Stable management  - $ 15 

  • Stable keeping, pastures, scheduling, bedding and vices

April 7th - Shoeing and corking - $15 

  • Care of the horses feet, types and features of shoes, types and uses of corks)


Pony club is an national (and international) organization recognized in many countries around the world. Pony club teaches all aspects of horsemanship including a variety of riding disciplines, all aspects of knowledge of caring for horses, maintaining health and fitness, competing, responding to injuries, stable management, etc. 

Branch activities (Stone bridge pony club at Meadowvale) include meetings (info clinics), PPG games practice, etc 

Regional activities include Clinics, camps, competitions (Mounted games, Triathalon etc), Quiz, etc