Meadowvale Farm

Equestrian riding lessons, camps, shows & boarding services

 1 month session of 4 weekly lessons: 

 Lesson type
 Group lessons
 Semi-private lessons   $185.84$24.16
 Private lessons (with Instructor)
 Private lessons (with Head coach)   $230.09$29.91

Single lesson (if less than the full month of lessons is purchased, the following rates apply per lesson):

 Lesson Type
 HST Total
 Group lesson
 $40.71 $5.29 $46.00
 Semi-Private lesson
 $49.56 $6.44 $56.00
 Private lesson (with instructor)  $61.95 $8.05$70.00
 Private lesson (with head coach)
 $61.95 $8.05 $70.00

Board prices:

 Item Price HSTTotal
 Outdoor Board
 $442.48 $57.52 $500.00
 Indoor Board
 $601.77 $78.23 $680.00

Boarders registered in our lesson program receive $30 off the board rate as well as $20 off all lesson packages (Discounts are applied to the total amount after tax)



Payments are due ON or BEFORE the first of the month.

Payment can be made by cheque, etransfer or cash. Cheques made out to "Stephanie Calvert" (farm owner) and e-transfers sent to [email protected]

Our schedule is updated on a monthly basis, requests for lesson or schedule changes should be made by the 15th of the month prior.

Late payments (after the 1st of the month) are subject to a late payment charge of $10 per session of lessons and another $10 every week (7 days) thereafter.

Failure to pay for lessons in a timely manner may result of loss of lesson spots.

A $20 NSF charge applies to any cheques that bounce due to NSF. 


A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for cancellations otherwise the lesson is forfeited.

If proper notice is provided, riders in group or semi-private lessons may sign up for the group make up lesson booked at the end of each month. The date and time of the make up lesson will be available from the lesson coordinator and will be posted in the viewing room as well as emailed to participants. 

For private lessons an alternate convenient time will be scheduled with the coach or program coordinator.

A maximum of one make up lesson per session is provided per month, and make up lessons are not guaranteed.

In months where a weekly lesson fall on a day in which there would be 5 lessons in that month, one of the 5 lessons will be cancelled.